Tuesday 3 July 2012
Congress Plenary Keynote (11:30-12:30)
Luciano Floridi
From AI to the Philosophy of Information: Doing Philosophy after Turing
Session D (14:00-16:30)
Joel Parthemore and Blay Whitby - Moral Agency, Moral Responsibility, and Artefacts
John Basl - Machines as Moral Patients We Shouldn't Care About (Yet)
Benjamin Matheson - Manipulation, Moral Responsibility and Machines
Session E (17:00-19:30)
Ethics Track Keynote
   Susan and Michael Anderson
   The Relationship Between Intelligent, Autonomously Functioning Machines and Ethics
MQ Symposium Poster Session
   David Davenport, Marie-des-Neiges Ruffo, Mark Waser, Damien P. Williams

Wednesday 4 July 2012
Session F (10:00-12:30)
Alejandro Rosas - The Holy Will of Ethical Machines
Keith Miller, Marty Wolf and Frances Grodzinsky - Behind the Mask: Machine Morality
Erica Neely - Machines and the Moral Community
Session G (14:00-16:30)
Mark Coeckelbergh - Who Cares about Robots?
David J. Gunkel - A Vindication of the Rights of Machines
Steve Torrance - The Centrality of Machine Consciousness to Machine Ethics
Session W (17:00-18:30)
Rodger Kibble - Can an Unmanned Drone be a Moral Agent?
Marc Champagne and Ryan Tonkens - Bridging the Responsibility Gap in Automated Warfare

Thursday 5 July 2012
Congress Plenary Keynote (08:30-09:30)
Blay Whitby
In Loco Humanae: How we Missed and Continue to Ignore the Ethical Implications of AI
Session H (10:00-12:30)
Joanna Bryson - Patiency Is Not a Virtue
Johnny Søraker - Is There Continuity Between Man and Machine?
MQ Symposium Publication Discussion and Planning

The AISB/IACAP World Congress will take place 2-6 July 2012. The full conference schedule is available from the Congress website.


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